Two singers stand with arms outstretched while dancers move around them New parameters

New parameters

22 February 2019

Perth Festival Review: The British Paraorchestra, The Nature of Why ⋅ Heath Ledger Theatre February 21 ⋅ Review by Rosalind Appleby ⋅ There are multiple things happening at once…

Reading time • 4 minutesPerth Festival
The Nature of Why, photo Paul Blakemore In the middle of a crowd sits a horn player in a wheel chair, behind him stands a clarinet player and two dancers are linking arms Disabling the boundaries

Disabling the boundaries

10 January 2019

English conductor Charles Hazlewood will be in Perth in February with the British Paraorchestra. He talks with Rosalind Appleby about disabilities, the haptic baton and disrupting…

Reading time • 5 minutes

Cleaver Street Studio

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