Dancers and audience from One Infinity. Photo Gregory Lorenzutti audience and dancers move together Cross-cultural collage

Cross-cultural collage

8 February 2019

Perth Festival review: Beijing Dance Theatre, Dancenorth Australia, Jun Tian Fang ensemble,Genevieve Lacey, Gideon Obarzanek & Max de Wardener, One Infinity ⋅ His Majesty’s Theatre,  February 7 ⋅ Review by Jonathan W.…

Reading time • 5 minutesPerth Festival
Attractor Incredible art-making

Incredible art-making

10 February 2018

Perth Festival review: Attractor by Gideon Obarzanek, Lucy Guerin, Dancenorth and  Senyawa · State Theatre Centre, 8 February · Review by Varnya Bromilow · A group of…

Reading time • 4 minutesPerth Festival
Attractor Super attractor

Super attractor

2 February 2018

Propelling its dancers into a state of ecstatic physical abandonment, Attractor has been a hit at festivals in the Eastern states. Ahead of the work’s Perth…

Reading time • 7 minutes
Atractor Perth Festival: Attractor

Perth Festival: Attractor

28 January 2018

Dance ∙ 8-10 February @ The Heath Ledger Theatre ∙ Presented by: Lucy Guerin Inc/Gideon Obarzanek/Dancenorth/Senyawa ∙ Surrender yourself to a trance-noise odyssey as Indonesia’s tour-de-force…

Reading time • 1 minute

Cleaver Street Studio

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