Outcome Unknown. Two people sit at tables in a darkened space. One is plucking at stringed instruments lying flat on the desk and the other in the foreground is adjusting electronic keyboards Electronica surges at Outcome Unknown

Electronica surges at Outcome Unknown

1 July 2022

The Outcome Unknown Festival brings together some of Perth’s leading players in experimental music, and highlights the strength in the electronica field, writes Jonathan W. Marshall.

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four musicians play on a small stage: double bassist, drummer, trombonist and saxophonist Redefining jazz

Redefining jazz

16 April 2021

Audible Edge Festival continues, with a performance which Garry Lee says challenged the preconceptions of what jazz is and – more importantly – created a platform as to what jazz might be.

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Jemma Kahn performs in the solo theatre production, In Bocca Al Lupo at the National Arts Festival, 8 July 2016. The show is the final instalment of her kamishibai story trilogy, which translates as ‘paper story’ and is an ancient form of Japanese street theatre. (Photo: Cue/Dani O’Neill) It’s storytelling magic

It’s storytelling magic

12 February 2020

David Zampatti is in awe (yet again) of Jemma Kahn’s brilliant storytelling in Adult Story Time, part 3.

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Cleaver Street Studio

Cleaver Street Studio


Cleaver Street Studio