A sharply dressed man stands in front of a recessed grey wall. He is wearing a silver blazer over a black t-shirt holds a beautiful viola. This is Australian String Quartet violist Christopher Cartlidge Playing with real treasures

Playing with real treasures

17 July 2023

When he was studying viola at university, Christopher Cartlidge used to busk for beer money. Now the musician travels the country (and the world) playing a rare beauty with Australia’s premier string quartet. 

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A crowd of people under the vast golden-lit ceiling of Hackett Hall watch the Voyces choir sing through time. Vibrant voices keep perfect time

Vibrant voices keep perfect time

15 September 2022

Perth choir Voyces travel through time with a rich repertoire that takes Kobi Morrison to another dimension.

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Pictured is the Australian String Quartet they sit in a semi circle with their right arms outstretched and bows flourished Intense musical magic

Intense musical magic

23 March 2022

The latest incarnation of the Australian String Quartet earn a standing ovation in their Perth debut, says Penny Shaw.

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Pictured is Emma Matthews, a woman with short brown hair wearing a black gown stands on a stage with hands outstretched as she sings, intense concentration on her face Pictures of the ocean and beyond

Pictures of the ocean and beyond

6 March 2022

An eclectic program starring Emma Matthews takes listeners on a sea-themed journey, says Katherine Walpole, while also grounding us satisfyingly at home.

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Aesoteric, Perth Festival, WA Museum, 24/02/2022 A whale skeleton is suspended over a large open multistorey space, with a group of musicians performing on stage below. Left-field sounds rise from underground

Left-field sounds rise from underground

1 March 2022

Aesoteric brings a varied listening experience to a Perth Festival audience, offering a glimpse into Perth’s diverse music subcultures, writes Eduardo Cossio

Reading time • 6 minutesPerth Festival
Photo by Cam Campbell 
IG and FB @placeorpoint A view from the back of Hackett Hall, framed by the whale skeleton. WA’s musical richness on display

WA’s musical richness on display

10 March 2021

Perth Festival’s second chamber music concert highlights the extraordinary talent of Western Australian musicians in a concert of intimacy and magnitude, writes Rosalind Appleby.

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A stimulating journey

A stimulating journey

2 March 2021

Leon Levy had anticipated an intriguing program, and says Sara Macliver’s superbly executed recital, ‘One & Many’, with its mix of old and brand-new music, was all he could have hoped for.

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Cleaver Street Studio

Cleaver Street Studio


Cleaver Street Studio