A group of musicians fan across the stage, playing everything from drums to bass guitar. This is Western Australia Jazz Project performing Heroes, Sci-fi and Sorcery: A Tribute to Comic-con. Super night out for all geeks

Super night out for all geeks

26 March 2023

There are some magical forces behind this whimsical fusion of fantasy and jazz. Tess Palmyre rediscovers her inner geek.

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The whitewashed walls of a room and spotlights on some male musicians: a guitarist, drummer, bassist and pianist One guitar expert reviews another

One guitar expert reviews another

15 December 2021

Guitar geek alert: this review contains some technical language and many superlatives as Garry Lee reviews the Kristian Borring Quartet.

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A man in black suit plays tenor saxophone on a darkened stage, lit by a spotlight Jazz heavyweights preach Coltrane

Jazz heavyweights preach Coltrane

9 November 2021

The Jamie Oehlers Quartet gives a world class interpretation of the spiritual music of John Coltrane at the Perth International Jazz Festival, says Kristian Borring.

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A man holds a microphone and smiles, pointing at the camera. He is wearing a black had an suit against a black backdrop so only his face and hands are illuminated Jazz with benefits

Jazz with benefits

15 March 2021

The pandemic has brought unintended benefits to the Perth jazz scene, says Garry Lee after listening to James Flynn and David Rastrick at the Ellington Jazz Club.

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a crowd wearing sun hats watch a singer and her band on a stage in a park Jazz weekend sets Perth swinging

Jazz weekend sets Perth swinging

9 November 2020

Huge numbers turned out for the Perth International Jazz Festival over the weekend. Rosalind Appleby captures the atmosphere with a photo essay.

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Cleaver Street Studio

Cleaver Street Studio


Cleaver Street Studio