Alicia Osyka, Jeffrey Jay Fowler, Amy Mathews in 'Bite The Hand'. Photo: Christophe Canto Three people are in a grey-walled room that is sparsely furnished with two grey box seats. A picture on one wall could be a scan of a human pelvis or a painting of a butterfly. One person, a woman, sits on one of the box seats, watching the other two. One of those people wears an oversized dog collar with a tag and has his arms stretched up in the air. The other person seems to be scratching his tummy, as though he is a dog. Hunters continue to lead the pack

Hunters continue to lead the pack

15 October 2021

The Last Great Hunt’s Bite the Hand is as hilarious as a puppy and as dangerous as a pit bull. It also leaves its meaning for you to uncover – a good thing according to David Zampatti.

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I'll Tell You in Person Two women sit at a coffee table, facing one another. They are both wearing headphones and both laughing. Is that really how it was?

Is that really how it was?

17 February 2021

Memories spark memories, and the truth is rarely a straight line, David Zampatti realises after a performance of I’ll Tell You in Person.

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