Asher Fisch and WASO March 2022 A man wearing a black suit stands on a stage with his hand in his pocket, facing the audience. Behind him are seated the members of the orchestra. WASO’s show must go on

WASO’s show must go on

23 March 2022

How do you keep an orchestra on stage during a pandemic, when a sforzando from a trumpet player could potentially put the entire ensemble in isolation? Rosalind Appleby discovers the extraordinary efforts being made by the West Australian Symphony Orchestra to keep the orchestra playing.

Reading time • 9 minutesMusic
An audience fills a narrow hall, facing the orchestra on stage, with organ pipes arrayed behind Stravinsky reinvented

Stravinsky reinvented

12 August 2021

Students rework an orchestral classic side by side with professionals, in what Sandra Bowdler says is a bold experiment with a structural flaw.

Reading time • 4 minutesMusic
An ensemble of seven musicians and a narrator perform on stage with a conductor Debut delight from new ensemble

Debut delight from new ensemble

24 May 2021

The Banksia Ensemble arrive on the scene with an unusual and enthralling debut, says Rosalind Appleby.

Reading time • 5 minutesMusic

Cleaver Street Studio

Cleaver Street Studio

Cleaver Street Studio