Composer Kate Milligan sits partly silhouetted, with her hair tied back in a loose bun and her face turned towards her shoulder Composer looks to the past

Composer looks to the past

9 May 2022

Composer Kate Milligan is diving back to the 16th century via an ancient shipwreck. The composer has received funding to unite old and new by bringing together electronic music and a flute that has spent 500 years underwater.

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Members of Cloud Nine Members of Cloud Nine Sweet dreams

Sweet dreams

7 October 2019

AWESOME Review: Giovanni Consort, Cloud Nine ⋅ Centenary Galleries, Art Gallery of Western Australia, October 5 ⋅ Review by Robert Housley ⋅ Chilling out has little to …

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Cleaver Street Studio

Cleaver Street Studio

Cleaver Street Studio