A woman crouched against a wall of an art gallery studio Snack-sized dance

Snack-sized dance

1 February 2019

Review: Ana Music and April Vardy, Susan and The place in which I’ll fit will not exist until I create it” · Paper Mountain, 30 January…

Reading time • 3 minutesDance
Sophia Natale in Flesh and Bone A woman dancing in a red unitard decorated in pompons. She is on her back, with her legs bent and her pelvis arching up. Strangely compelling

Strangely compelling

30 January 2019

Fringe World review: Sophia Natale, Flesh and Bone · Paper Mountain, 24 January · Review by Nina Levy · Arriving at Paper Mountain to see local…

Reading time • 3 minutesFringe World Festival
Text Roulette Performance Art: Text Roulette

Performance Art: Text Roulette

7 December 2018

19 – 25 January @ Paper Mountain · Presented by Finn O’Branagain · It’s hard to know what to say sometimes. Is there a message you…

Reading time • 1 minute

Cleaver Street Studio

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