5 paper puppets of animals dance between screens of paper Fun musical plants hope for the future

Fun musical plants hope for the future

24 September 2021

After 40 years in the industry, Fremantle’s family theatre company Spare Parts Puppet Theatre have created their first ever musical. Rosalind Appleby and Seesaw’s junior reviewers say it was worth the wait!

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'Every Beautiful Thing' with Luke Hewitt, Black Swan State Theatre Company. Photo: Philip Gostelow Luke Hewitt, a middle-aged man wearing a collared shirt, holds a half-eaten chocolate ice cream. He looks very happy! The bright side of life

The bright side of life

4 August 2021

Ice cream, skinny dipping, laughing so hard you shoot milk out your nose… Every Brilliant Thing is a play about all the things that are worth living for. Ahead of the show’s Perth season, Nina Levy spoke to performer Luke Hewitt (with a cameo from director Adam Mitchell) to find out more.

Reading time • 9 minutesTheatre
Summer fun has a dark side

Summer fun has a dark side

7 July 2021

Shaun Tan’s classic picture book about the complexities of childhood makes a seamless – and wordless – transition to the stage. Lydia Edwards and junior reviewer Sascha Bott are charmed by this new Spare Parts Puppet Theatre production.

Reading time • 6 minutesTheatre
A man stands in a kitchen holding a bag labelled Beanz. There is a loaf of bread upended beside him A giant re-interpretation

A giant re-interpretation

7 January 2021

What do you get when you put a stand up comedian, vegetables, and a gentle giant in the kitchen? Rosalind Appleby and junior reviewer Asha Grandage explore Spare Parts Puppet Theatre’s fun new rework of a familiar tale.

Reading time • 7 minutesTheatre
Reading time • 4 minutes

Cleaver Street Studio

Cleaver Street Studio

Cleaver Street Studio