Pip Lewi's work for Out of Bounds. Photo: Miles Noel Photography Out of Bounds Humour and lightness at PICA amid pandemic gloom

Humour and lightness at PICA amid pandemic gloom

29 August 2022

There’s much that’s relatable in a collection of works created by artists who were confined to WA by the COVID border restrictions, and Craig McKeough finds it surprisingly but pleasantly light-hearted.

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Photo: Cole Baxter A banner made of a section of pink fabric with an orange dillybag and orange fabric hands in front of a screen, on which is projected a pink sky with a white oval shape in the centre. A cup of tea with your art

A cup of tea with your art

29 March 2022

More than an exhibition, ‘We hold you close’ is an invitation to participate in the spirit and culture of this land, discovers Ilona McGuire.

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PICA Sky Cave 'Coming Home'. Photo: Rebecca Mansell Two large hang gliders hang from the roof of a gallery. One is orange and has the word

Sky Cave reaches lofty heights

27 October 2021

Forged in flight, the stories woven into Amy Perejuan-Capone’s new exhibition enchant Jaimi Wright.

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Laure Prouvost, Lick in the past, 2016, video still_2 A photograph taken from the dashboard of a car. The road stretches towards an arid looking mountain range that stands stark against a blue sky. Tales of two sun-bleached cities

Tales of two sun-bleached cities

3 August 2021

Named after The Triffid’s 1986 album, ‘Love in Bright Landscapes’ is an exhibition that explores the shiny and seamy sides of Perth and Los Angeles, writes Kim Kirkman, who also takes in two other exhibitions currently on show at PICA.

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Promotional image for Your Arts Playground. The words

Introducing Your Arts Playground, Seesaw’s new podcast

30 June 2021

Not sure where to find out what’s happening in WA’s arts scene? Feel like you’re always hearing about the cool new shows, concerts and exhibitions after they’ve finished? Check out Your Arts Playground, a new monthly podcast from Seesaw’s managing editors, Nina Levy and Rosalind Appleby.

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Grace Ware, Find a place to sit, 2020. Image courtesy Five images of artist Grace Ware, posing with an inflatable fluorsecent yellow life-jacket type object. She is dressed in black and wears a black face mask. Nurturing passion, hatching fire

Nurturing passion, hatching fire

13 May 2021

The 24 graduate artists showcased in this year’s “Hatched” exhibition have created a powerful and pensive testimonial to their generation, writes Patrick Gunasekera.

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A close up shot of Hannah Foley that focuses on her mouth, which is slightly open as though she is breathing in. Her nose and eyes are out of the frame, highlighting the focus on the mouth. The art of breathing

The art of breathing

28 April 2021

Drawing on her training in music and dance, artist Hannah Foley has created a performance work that turns breathing into an artform. Ahead of the work’s appearance in PICA’s annual “Hatched: National Graduate Show”, Nina Levy spoke to Foley to find out more.

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Cleaver Street Studio

Cleaver Street Studio


Cleaver Street Studio