Sensorium Theatre Unlocking a box of wonders

Unlocking a box of wonders

6 March 2023

Wonderbox is a dynamic, multi-sensory feast which engages young people with disabilities in a joyous, play-based performance. Our reviewer Claire Trolio opens the lid.

Reading time • 6 minutesPerth Festival
Handmade branches and leaves hang over the audience, who sit on the floor in the 'jungle' watching two actors interact with an owl for Sensorium Theatre's Hutan. Sensorium rewrites laws of the jungle

Sensorium rewrites laws of the jungle

30 September 2022

This journey into the jungle is theatre built for all – a rich sensory experience that invites children to engage, writes Varyna Bromilow. 

Reading time • 6 minutesTheatre
A young performer from Circus WA does a handstand on top of a tight circle of four other performers in 'We Live Here'. Four shows to SEE at AWESOME Festival

Four shows to SEE at AWESOME Festival

8 September 2022

AWESOME Festival director Jenny Simpson picks four shows from Australia’s premiere children’s arts festival which she says are must-sees for Seesaw families.

Reading time • 9 minutesMulti-arts
Arts Impact finalists and winners on stage ARTS Impact winners announced

ARTS Impact winners announced

25 May 2022

ARTS Impact WA, the state’s new philanthropic collective, has selected and announced the winners of its first funding round at a special event held at Freo.Social.

Reading time • 6 minutesMulti-arts
Sensorium Theatre. Photo: Jessica Wyld. A scene from Oddysea by Sensorium Theatre. Two children peer at something we can't see, using a small torch. Their faces are alight with wonder. Creating a wonder-filled world for kids

Creating a wonder-filled world for kids

19 May 2022

Sensorium Theatre has been making work for young people with disability for 12 years, and now the zeitgeist is finally catching up, writes Varnya Bromilow.

Reading time • 10 minutesTheatre
Reading time • 9 minutesTheatre
adults in space suitsjoin children in putting their hands on a lit dome Sensory experience overwhelms in Whoosh!

Sensory experience overwhelms in Whoosh!

23 September 2020

Disabled and autistic reviewer Patrick Gunasekera has concerns about ‘Whoosh!’, Sensorium Theatre’s latest show for neurodiverse children which is part of AWESOME Festival next week.

Reading time • 9 minutesTheatre
Jenny Simpson Awesome insights

Awesome insights

3 September 2020

Jenny Simpson has launched the 2020 Awesome Festival during COVID-19 and it feels a bit like jumping out of an aeroplane. In this podcast Rosalind Appleby talks with the festival’s CEO and artistic director about the challenges and delights of planning the program.

Reading time • 2 minutesMulti-arts
A boy leapfrogs over a girl, they are dressed in gumnut caps and baggy knicker-bocker shorts Awesome news for festival

Awesome news for festival

2 September 2020

WA’s first major festival since COVID-19 kicks off this month, and it’s all about the kids. Rosalind Appleby talks to Awesome Festival’s Jenny Simpson.

Reading time • 6 minutesMulti-arts
Reading time • 10 minutes

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