From sublime to incendiary

From sublime to incendiary

11 November 2019

Review: Perth International Jazz Festival, Kristin Berardi/Sam Anning; Tal Cohen Quartet; Veronica Swift ⋅ State Theatre Centre, November 10 ⋅ Review by Garry Lee ⋅ The Perth International Jazz…

Reading time • 6 minutesMusic
David Megarty as Tyrone and Samuel Vincent as Lesley in Bear With Me Old-school entertainment

Old-school entertainment

9 October 2019

AWESOME Review: Bear With Me ⋅ State Theatre Centre, October 7 ⋅ Review by Lydia Edwards⋅ It’s not every day you see bears entering an auditorium on…

Reading time • 3 minutesTheatre
Blueprint for the future

Blueprint for the future

7 October 2019

AWESOME Review: DADAA and CircusWA, Experience Collider ⋅ Studio Underground, State Theatre Centre of Western Australia, October 4 ⋅ Review by Robert Housley ⋅ Experience is fundamental to…

Reading time • 3 minutesCircus
Spring Gig Guide for Kids

Spring Gig Guide for Kids

21 September 2019

Recently I attended a concert by the WA Symphony Orchestra with several eight year olds and their mothers. We sat in the choir stalls behind the…

Reading time • 6 minutes
Perth Jazz Festival Jazz Band in stage in quadrangle Music: Perth International Jazz Festival 2019

Music: Perth International Jazz Festival 2019

17 September 2019

8-10 November @ Various Venues in Perth & Northbridge · Presented by Perth International Jazz Festival · Get jazzy with the coolest concerts from some of…

Reading time • 1 minute
Zubin Kanga is at the intersection of technology and piano. Photo Raphael Neal. Mix and match media

Mix and match media

29 April 2019

Review: Zubin Kanga ‘Piano Ex Machina’ ⋅ State Theatre Centre, April 24 ⋅ Review by Eduardo Cossio ⋅ Many contemporary composers have sought to create works that are…

Reading time • 5 minutesMusic
Kids have a go at Jazz for Juniors Kids Autumn Gig Guide

Kids Autumn Gig Guide

26 March 2019

As we approach the school holidays the arts scene is cranking up for kids. The West Australian Symphony Orchestra is offering two movie screenings with live…

Reading time • 4 minutes
Tim Ferguson Wheels on fire

Wheels on fire

3 February 2019

Fringe World review: Tim Ferguson – A Fast Life on Wheels · Midar Room, State Theatre Centre, February 1 · Review by David Zampatti · It’s impossible not…

Reading time • 2 minutesFringe World Festival
MoveMe Festival Dance: MoveMe Festival 2018

Dance: MoveMe Festival 2018

16 August 2018

11 – 22 September @ State Theatre Centre and Surrounds · Presented by Ausdance WA · MoveMe Festival 2018 will make a huge splash across the…

Reading time • 2 minutes

Cleaver Street Studio

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