A man dressed as a sailor sits in front of a screen onto which is projected an ocean. What to SEE: CinemaStage
What to SEE

What to SEE: CinemaStage

27 October 2021

West Australian company Theatre 180 has been charming audiences with a new approach to storytelling that marries live performance to the silver screen.

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Photo: Stewart Thorpe Photography A man dressed in a sailor outfit holds is sailor cap aloft. In the background is a projection of the ocean's surface A true tale of two ships

A true tale of two ships

20 August 2021

The loss of the Australian light cruiser Sydney II and its crew was one of the great tragedies of Australia at war, and its discovery over 60 years later was a triumph of commitment and perseverance. David Zampatti was moved by both stories as told by Theatre 180.

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Sophia Forrest and Darius Williams in 'I and You' A young man and woman embrace. They are sitting on a bed, with fairy lights in the background. She has a year on her face. The arrival of something special?

The arrival of something special?

13 May 2021

In the high-quality double bill The Children and I and You David Zampatti hopes we might be seeing the emergence of a worthy successor to a long-lost, legendary Perth theatre company.

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children sit on cushions watching six musicians and a narrator tell a story Baroque splendour makes a fun adventure

Baroque splendour makes a fun adventure

30 September 2020

What do birds, ancient music and children have in common? Rosalind Appleby and junior reviewer Isabel Greentree find out in this resplendent AWESOME Festival show.

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A woman dressed as a man holds a large gun up to two men. They are dressed in trousers, shirts and braces that suggest a scene from the early 20th century. The backdrop is of West Australian bush; a huge gum tree is in the foreground. A fortunate adaptation

A fortunate adaptation

2 September 2020

Designed to be performed in front of a cinema screen, THEATRE 180 and CinemaStage’s stage adaptation of Albert Facey’s classic novel A Fortunate Life is stylish and innovative, reports David Zampatti.

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Lit Live Babty's feet cupped by adult hands Lit Live

Lit Live

25 October 2019

6 November @ Centre for Stories, Northbridge · Presented by Sarah McNeill · Hatch, Match and Dispatch: stories of life, love and loss read by some …

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Cleaver Street Studio

Cleaver Street Studio

Cleaver Street Studio