Gutenberg! the Musical A sheer delight

A sheer delight

29 June 2018

Review: Western Sky Theatre, Gutenberg! the Musical · Subiaco Theatre Centre, 27 June · Review by Xan Ashbury · As a certified word nerd, I am…

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Samjey-Hayes-Jess-Nyanda-Moyle-Ann-Marie-Biagioni-4-5b27d5b360e91 Theatre: Tissue

Theatre: Tissue

21 June 2018

20-23 June @ Subiaco Arts Centre · Presented by Static Drive Co · We’re overstimulated, oversexed and oversexualised: We’re completely under prepared. From the minds of Timothy Green…

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When he gets that way A restrained battle of wit

A restrained battle of wit

18 June 2018

Review: Susie Conte, When He Gets That Way · Subiaco Arts Cenre, 15 June · Review by Claire Trolio · Directed by Susie Conte, When He…

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Andrew Baker and Tyler Jacob Jones West side stories

West side stories

15 June 2018

Although the Western Australian Academy of Performing Arts is home to one of Australia’s most prestigious musical theatre courses, the job opportunities for its graduates have,…

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Matt Penny in Find the Lady So much more than magic

So much more than magic

8 June 2018

Review: Matt Penny, Find the Lady · Subiaco Arts Centre, 6 June · Review by Jenny Scott · Find the Lady is a one-man show that…

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Samantha Nerida and Timothy Green Dirty little secrets

Dirty little secrets

6 June 2018

Porn is our collective dirty little secret… or is it? In the play Tissue, local theatre company Static Drive Co is asking, “If we strip away…

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Cleaver Street Studio

Cleaver Street Studio

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