Andrew Nicholls and Jingdezhen artisans, Untitled (Cobalt Skull #1), hand-painted cobalt on porcelain, dimensions variable. Cobalt painting by Yu Xuan, 2016. Photography by Bewley Shaylor A white porcelain skull and cross bones decorated with traditional-style chinoiserie A series of uncomfortable events

A series of uncomfortable events

31 August 2022

‘A Gentle Misinterpretation’ interrogates the problematic history of chinoiserie but Belinda Hermawan still feels uneasy.

Reading time • 7 minutesVisual Art
The Sunset Lounge. Photo: Danica Zuks An installation from The Sunset Lounge. Pictured is a shark, jellyfish and various other sea animals. A dreamworld between day and night

A dreamworld between day and night

25 February 2022

The Sunset Lounge installation takes place within the rooms of a hotel but its dreamy tableau seems to play with things that connect us to the world beyond, writes Kim Kirkman

Reading time • 4 minutesPerth Festival
An Aboriginal painting of a European ship. The ship is a white silhouette against a brown and white striped background. Sailing on an ocean of art

Sailing on an ocean of art

11 January 2022

Perth Festival’s choice of wardan – the ocean – for this year’s festival theme plays out beautifully in its visual arts selection. Ara Jansen plunges in to pull out some highlights.

Reading time • 10 minutesPerth Festival
Reading time • 5 minutesTheatre
Tyrown Waigara HERO SHOT A Nice Place to Hate Yourself (2021) (61 cm W x 51 cm H x 4 cm D) copy 2 An acrylic painting in vibrant yellows, pinks and reds. The work is abstract but images are recognisable, such as a house, a pair of eyes, a ladder. Some objects are on their side, playing with our perspective. Take a walk on the dark side

Take a walk on the dark side

1 June 2021

Bringing their dark sides into the light, artists provide viewers with a tantalising glimpse inside their creative minds in ‘The Dark Side’ exhibition, writes Craig McKeough.

Reading time • 6 minutesVisual Art
Kaylene Whiskey, Cher and the Water Snake, 2017, acrylic on linen, 76 x 101cm. Courtesy of the artist, Iwantja Arts and the Sims Dickson Collection  Fremantle double feature delights

Fremantle double feature delights

14 October 2020

Celebrating womanhood, ‘Bodywork’ and ‘Are You Having a Good Night’ are two of the best exhibitions of the year to date, says Miranda Johnson.

Reading time • 6 minutesVisual Art
Reading time • 4 minutesVisual Art

Cleaver Street Studio

Cleaver Street Studio


Cleaver Street Studio