Pull the Pin A scene from Pull the Pin in which Caitlin Beresford holds a bowling ball up in front of her. The room is dark and she looks pensive. It’s a strike!

It’s a strike!

20 June 2022

Local theatre company strikes just the right note, with a feel-good story of female friendship and tenpins, writes Claire Trolio.

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Tristan McInnes and Ellen-Hope Thomson in Moody. Photo: Georgi Ivers A woman wearing a dress in red and orange stands with he arms outstretched in a wide V. In one hand she holds a small bunch of white flowers and she smiles up at them. Behind her outstretched right arm stands a man, who looks at her and smiles. Dancing a difficult duet with love

Dancing a difficult duet with love

9 June 2022

Trust and love lie at the heart of Fonder Physical Theatre’s new work about living with mental illness, writes Nina Levy.

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Amy Mathews and Alison van Reeken are rehearsing 'Toast'. They stand amidst a studio that is set up to look like a garage. Amy stands in the foreground and holds a piece of tupperware to her heart. Alison is in the background and holds some Tupperware loosely, looking somewhat belligerent. Toast retains its crunch

Toast retains its crunch

9 May 2022

Despite last minute cast changes, Liz Newell’s Toast continues to shine in its second season, writes Claire Trolio.

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Toast actor Anna Lindstedt is in rehearsal. She sits on a floral armchair, with her legs flopped over one of its arms. She wears overear headphones and is holding open a copy of Stephanie Meyer's 'New Moon'. She looks annoyed. What to SEE: Toast
What to SEE

What to SEE: Toast

3 May 2022

Liz Newell’s Toast charmed audiences when it premiered at The Blue Room Theatre in 2017. Now it’s taking to the State Theatre stage, thanks to a collaboration between The Blue Room and Black Swan State Theatre Company.

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A woman, dressed in an outfit to look like Ellen Ripley, from Alien, carrying a squalling baby. What to SEE: Earthside
What to SEE

What to SEE: Earthside

12 April 2022

Former showgirl Kaitlin Tinker is making her debut as a playwright, with a work that reimagines the story of Alien’s Ellen Ripley as an allegory for the modern woman’s experience of pregnancy, birth and beyond.

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Carla Adams, Yearning and Longing, 2022, polyester cord, acrylic eyes, lava stone and glass beads. 32 x 27cm each. Two faces, made of pink coiled cord What to SEE: May gig guide
What to SEE

What to SEE: May gig guide

7 April 2022

Wondering what to SEE this May? Check out Seesaw Mag’s new gig guide for the hottest tips across theatre, music, dance, visual arts and more!

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A promotional image from a new play by Laura Liu. Pictured is three people, two of them standing and one in a wheelchair, lean forward and point with their index fingers Laura Liu makes a splash with new play

Laura Liu makes a splash with new play

10 February 2022

The Complete Show of Water Skiing has a neat plot twist, a happy ending and a marvellous piece of casting. What more could you want, asks David Zampatti.

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Cleaver Street Studio

Cleaver Street Studio

Cleaver Street Studio