Visual art: Exhibition – Penumbra

23 April 2018

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27 April – 18 May @ Midland Junction Arts Centre ·
Presented by Mundaring Arts Centre ·

Artwork by Bina Butcher, 2018

Exhibition Opening 6:30pm, Friday 27 April
Viewing Times Wed-Fri 10am – 5pm, Saturday 29 April 9am – 1pm
Midland Junction Arts Centre is an event-based facility and open to the public during advertised exhibition hours, workshops and events only.

In an effort to create a context for contemplation, for their three-month residency at Midland Junction Arts Centre, Bina Butcher and Tessa Beale have gathered natural elements and documented interventions in the environment. This exhibition of the results of their explorations creates the conditions for a slower, quieter consideration of our surroundings.

Penumbra is the term for the partially shaded outer region of the shadow cast by an opaque object. Beale and Butcher explore these margins and communicate the effects of particular qualities found in the natural objects and materials they have collected.

Through observations of the movement of bodies of water, textures, shadows and sound re-contextualise our own sensory experiences and interactions in a new environment: the gallery.

More info: www.mundaringartscentre.com.au/exhibitions/penumbra
Email: info@mundaringartscentre.com.au


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