Sound: Rachael Dease | Like Embracing Ice

20 May 2018

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26 May — 15 July @ Fremantle Arts centre ·
Presented by Fremantle Arts Centre ·

The human ability to deny death and mortality mirrors our denial of climate change and the rapid destruction of the earth’s ice covered poles.

Accomplished WA sound artist and composer Rachael Dease spent a month in the Arctic Circle in 2017 during the midnight sun, sailing amongst the collapsing glaciers.

For Like Embracing Ice she has scored a work with audio captured from the depths of the Arctic Sea, using hydrophones floating under drifting icebergs and microphones lowered into glacial cracks.

Dease graduated with Honours in Composition from WAAPA. Her award-winning practice encompasses the realms of art music, pop culture, theatre and science.

More info: www.fac.org.au/whats-on/post/rachael-dease-like-embracing-ice/
Email: artscentre@fremantle.wa.gov.au

Pictured: Rachael Dease, Like Embracing Ice (Ytre Norskøya Votive #11) (detail), 2017. Photography by Rachael Dease.

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