Lectures and Talks: Art & Law, Art and Artificial Intelligence

31 August 2018

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Art & Law: Appropriation art, authorship and copyright law ·
22 September @ Lawrence Wilson Art Gallery ·

In plain sight: Artificial intelligence and the arts ·
16 October @ Lawrence Wilson Art Gallery ·

Art & Law: Appropriation art, authorship and copyright law
Appropriation artists are seen to re-use the work of other artists, or re-contextualise ready-made objects, making claims of both art and authorship. How does or how should copyright law respond to this artistic practice?

Join panelists Jani McCutcheon, Associate Professor at the UWA Law School and HERE&NOW18 artists Dr Alex Spremberg and Dr Perdita Phillips to discuss the concept and relevance of authorship in contemporary art, and how it aligns with copyright law’s understanding of authorship.
This event is the first of a series of Art + Law discussions held in collaboration with the Law School at UWA.   22 September, 2-4 pm.

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In plain sight: Artificial intelligence and the arts
Have you considered the impact of Artificial Intelligence (AI) on the arts? Did you know AI can now evaluate, synthesise, and create its own versions of many artistic media?

In this presentation, Ezrina Fewings, Educational Development Adviser from the UWA Educational Enhancement Unit, will reveal pioneering case studies on the state of the arts influenced and integrated by AI.   Be prompted to question the authorship of any artwork, and hear about the many exciting AI projects transforming our engagement with the Arts.

This event is part of The Big Draw Perth, a week-long series of events at LWAG that celebrate drawing.  16 October, 1 – 2pm

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Pictured: Bjoern Rainer-Adamson, Moments of conflict (mechanical contention) (detail), 2018, plywood, deconstructed 7 Victor mechanical calculator from 1969 parts reassembled with additional electric motors, 97 x 200 x 85cm. © the artist

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