Music: Actéon: Opera by Charpentier

6 August 2018

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12 – 15 September @ UWA Aquatic Centre, Parkway, Crawley ·
Presented by: Lost and Found Opera ·

Based on a story from Ovid’s Metamorphoses, this new production will be staged in a swimming pool, featuring both international and local singing talent with performances from one of WA’s elite synchronised swimming squads.

UK-based Australian Countertenor Russell Harcourt takes on the title role of the noble Actéon, who while hunting with his hounds, comes across the goddess Diana (local mezzo soprano Ashlyn Tymms) bathing with her attendants. She catches him spying on them and uses her godly powers to enact her vengeance on him.

New meets old in this timely exploration of both men and women’s roles in modern society, this gripping piece explores the changing nature of consent and revenge, the coming of age and the limits of power.

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SynchroWA swimmers, photo by Daniel James Grant

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