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27 August 2018

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18 Sep @ Ellington Jazz Club ·
Presented by Mel Kay & Liberté ·

LIFE just gets better and better for Mel Kay & Liberté – with three singles, sellout gigs, a collaboration with a UK producer and an east coast tour on the horizon, there’s plenty to smile about.

But there’s no rest for the wicked with Kay and the 10-piece launching their latest single at the Ellington Jazz Club on September 18 in a show focused on the topic of growing up, delivered with their inimitable mix of funk, pop and indie music.

“It’s about the trials we face that make and break us, as well as music aimed to motivate people to reach their full potential,” Kay said.“The focus is on the transformation we take from childhood to adulthood with a lot of songs on introspection and healing through growing pains that every person must go through.”

The band’s latest single, 1940, is about female empowerment in a patriarchal society. “I went through a lot as a young teenager and songwriting was always my outlet to process what I was facing,” Kay said.

“It turned from my own therapy and healing tool into something more when I was accepted into the WA Academy of Performing Arts at age 17 for vocal studies. I had always really wanted to be a singer but had been unsure as to my ability. Through training, I was able to get my voice to the place it is today so I could be a professional singer and working musician.”

In the past two years, Mel Kay & Liberté have released the singles Feel Alright, Upside Down Town and Let It Burn, scoring international airplay and a signing to Sydney label The A&R Department. Kay also performed for the heads of Google, Facebook and Instagram at the World Wide Web Conference at the Perth Convention and Exhibition Centre in 2017.
In 2018, the band were taken on by Big Sky Entertainment and have since flown to regional parts of WA to perform.

Let It Burn also caught the attention of UK producer Ben Cloney, known as Backfall, leading to Kay working with him on the track You.

“I wrote the lyrics and vocal melody for the backing music he sent and released it with him this year,” she said. “It’s been a great experience working with someone online while both being in different countries and it’s really shown me what the internet makes possible these days.”

Following the single launch, Mel Kay & Liberté are taking on the east coast with a tour.  “We’re ready to share our music with the rest of Australia, which is a very exciting step for us,” she said.

Mel Kay & Liberté play from 7pm, September 18. Tickets are $15 seated, $10 standing – book at  The Ellington Jazz Club is at 191 Beaufort Street, Perth (just north of Newcastle Street).

More information about Mel Kay & Liberté is available at:

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Pictured: Mel Kay & Liberté are launching their latest single 1940 at the Ellington Jazz Club on September 18.

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