Dance: Kwongkan

19 November 2018

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16 – 20 February @ Fremantle Arts Centre ·
Presented by Ochre Dance & Daksha Sheth Dance ·

Settle in amongst the trees in the gardens of Fremantle Arts Centre and be transported to a world where superhero gods are battling impending environmental and cultural calamities. Indigenous Australian and Indian performers combine traditional and contemporary dance theatre with live music, aerial work and extraordinary visuals in the world premiere Kwongkan.

After their homes, cultures and sacred lands are smashed a group of First People transform into powerful dancing deities who struggle with their godly powers as they attempt to save the planet and their ancient knowledge. These superheroes come to life under extreme conditions in ritual performances fashioned on the god-transformations of southern India. As in many ancient stories and dramas the gods here are fallible and share the greed and self-interest of humanity.

Sheth Dance Company, Kwongkan has been forged over three years of trips to sacred lands in desert Australia and tropical India. Local Noongar dancer, actor and director Ian Wilkes and India’s extraordinary siblings Isha Sharvani and Tao Issaro (the children of dance guru Daksha Sheth) star alongside brilliant young Indigenous dancer Nadia Martich, aerialist and Bollywood actor Ratheesh Rajendram and didgeridoo maestro William Barton.

Arrive early to experience the pre-performance rituals, warm-ups, set preparation, costuming and body painting.

Chairs and picnic blankets are welcome and food and drinks will be available for purchase.

A Perth Festival Co-Commission

Presented in association with Fremantle Arts Centre

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Pictured: Kwongkan, credit: Mat McHugh

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