Theatre: Rats’ Tales

13 November 2018

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21 – 24 November @ The Actors’ Hub ·
Presented by The Actors’ Hub ·

A hugely entertaining, dark and magical cycle of folk tales from around the world
is taking centre stage at The Actors’ Hub this November.

Written by Carol Ann Duffy and adapted by Melly Still, Rats’ Tales deliciously
confronts the dark side of the imagination which makes the tales all the more

“It’s supposedly the case that you’re never more than 10 feet away from a rat,”
director Amanda Crewes said. “With Rats’ Tales, you’re certainly never far from a fiendish plot twist, a thrilling metaphor or a dazzling feat of theatrical invention.”

The latest production comes in the wake of Crewes previously directing Duffy’s
Grimm Tales, dramatised by Tim Supple.

“These productions are so much fun – great ensemble pieces,” she said. “They
challenge the actor’s ability to create and imbue character. The stories are so fun for the audience, too, and they allow a director to really step into their imagination.”

The main challenge, according to Crewes, is trying to re-create the magic the
stories bring to the imagination for stage.“It requires strong characterisations and is physically demanding,” she said. “They’re vivid characters and the actors have to push themselves both vocally and physically with their choices.From an audience perspective, it’s exciting to see an actor transform into different characters – they love that sort of thing and wonder ‘How did they do that?’ It’s wonderfully creative with the actors on stage the entire time. The show is good old-fashioned fun and pure entertainment, as the actors embody these larger-than-life characters.”

Rats’ Tales plays at 7pm on 21, 22, 23 November and 2pm and 7pm on 24 November.
Tickets are $30, $25 concession – book at
The Actors’ Hub is at 129 Kensington Street, East Perth.

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