Comedy: Gloria’s G-Spot Gameshow

20 December 2018

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1 – 10 February @ The Aberdeen Hotel ·
Presented by Kings Krib Productions ·

The sauciest pseudo-game show to ever glorify a stage. The G-Spot celebrates the trashiest moments of the eighties to the naughtiest of the noughties through the power of song, dance and erotic aerobics. Gloria and parodied pop icons (including Britney Smears and Vanilla Slice) play unforgettably ridiculous games such as ‘Find the G-Spot’ or ‘Choose the Safe Word’. If you’re Game for a Laugh then Come on Down!

Everyone’s a winner!

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Gloria’s G-Spot Gameshow. Credit: Photo: Christian Clowes, Design: Denise Siddons

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Maureen Levy

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