Theatre: Floor Thirteen

11 June 2019

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25 Jun – 13 Jul @ The Blue Room Theatre ·
Presented by The Blue Room Theatre & Marshall Stay ·

How real are our memories? Have you ever been certain about something? So sure that you’d swear on your life  it happened the way you remembered it? Except you were wrong? One woman is stuck in an elevator, profoundly alone but haunted by memories clamouring for attention. She has plenty of time to reflect on her life…or to start questioning what’s real.

Race through a mind in turmoil and be prepared to question everything; this is Memento meets Chunky Move. Daring physical theatre and innovative technology collide with aesthetics that’ll stay in your mind for years to come. Nothing is safe.

In a bold experiment from some of Perth’s best up and coming talent, memories are blown apart and reconstructed to expose our inner demons, and mysteries far worse. Strap in for this thrilling ride with one woman and all the spooks her mind can conjure.

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Pictured: Floor Thirteen, credit: Marshall Stay

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Maureen Levy

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