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17 July 2020

Seesaw is thrilled to collaborate with WA Youth Theatre Company to present a series of blogs from the company’s Loungeroom Project.

Seesaw has invited participants in WA Youth Theatre Company’s Loungeroom Project to blog about their experiences making their own theatre work and this week, we’re presenting the first instalment in that series!

The Loungeroom Project invites West Australians aged 13-26 to make their own piece of theatre… in the comfort of their own loungeroom. Participants are offered eight weeks of online tutorials from 15 professional artists. The tutorials cover a range of theatre and performance-making skills to help participants develop their own short performance at home, film it on a mobile phone and submit it to the Loungeroom Jury, who will then select six award winners.

This week we’re delighted to introduce Loungeroom Project participant Jennifer Mackenzie as our first guest blogger:

Want to know more about this project? Head to

Top image supplied by WA Youth Theatre Company.

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