17.	Gobawarrah-Yinhawangka Traditional Owners and Michael Bonner, Gobawarrah-Yinhawangka Horizon Line, 2023 acrylic on wall, installation view in Black Sky, Lawrence Wilson Art Gallery, 2023, photograph by Rebecca Mansell The entrance to Black Sky is painted black, with an orange line that bisects the wall erratically. A leap of faith into the abyss

A leap of faith into the abyss

29 March 2023

Generous and powerful, Lawrence Wilson Art Gallery’s Perth Festival exhibition explores the role of the night sky in First Nations culture, as a bridge between this world and other realms, writes Ilona McGuire.

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Reading time • 5 minutesVisual Art
Photo: Cole Baxter A banner made of a section of pink fabric with an orange dillybag and orange fabric hands in front of a screen, on which is projected a pink sky with a white oval shape in the centre. A cup of tea with your art

A cup of tea with your art

29 March 2022

More than an exhibition, ‘We hold you close’ is an invitation to participate in the spirit and culture of this land, discovers Ilona McGuire.

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Cleaver Street Studio

Cleaver Street Studio


Cleaver Street Studio