Pictured is dress rehearsal for West Side Story production on June 26, 2021 at Crown Theatre in Perth, Australia. (Photo by Will Russell) What happens when a classic becomes controversial?

What happens when a classic becomes controversial?

19 August 2021

In the wake of fiery debate on social media after the publication of Seesaw’s review of West Side Story, we invited WA arts leaders to weigh in on the question of what we do when beloved classic works perpetuate outdated views and values.

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2021.08.15 - Image of Gala Shevtsov - Photo by Hannah Evelyn A head and shoulders shot of a woman with her back to the camera looks to her left, proffering a string of pearls. Her shoulders are bare but for two thin black straps and she wears a tiara. A feminist take on Shakespeare

A feminist take on Shakespeare

17 August 2021

Local theatre collective Blank Space Productions is giving Shakespeare a feminist makeover at the Blue Room Theatre this month. Nina Levy caught up with Blank Space’s founder and creative director, Bridget Le May, to find out more.

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'Every Beautiful Thing' with Luke Hewitt, Black Swan State Theatre Company. Photo: Philip Gostelow Luke Hewitt, a middle-aged man wearing a collared shirt, holds a half-eaten chocolate ice cream. He looks very happy! The bright side of life

The bright side of life

4 August 2021

Ice cream, skinny dipping, laughing so hard you shoot milk out your nose… Every Brilliant Thing is a play about all the things that are worth living for. Ahead of the show’s Perth season, Nina Levy spoke to performer Luke Hewitt (with a cameo from director Adam Mitchell) to find out more.

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Promotional image for Your Arts Playground. The words

Your Arts Playground: August

28 July 2021

The second episode of Your Arts Playground – Seesaw’s new monthly podcast – is here, with dance in the mosh pit, a chance to see inside artists’ studios, great music collaborations, theatre that tackles tricky topics with a light touch… and more!

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Head-banging synchrony

Head-banging synchrony

28 July 2021

Combining the wildness of the mosh pit with the athleticism of contemporary dance, Cry Baby, which made its debut at Fringe World, has been developed into a full length work to be presented at the Rechabite. Ahead of that season we’re sharing Nina Levy’s review of the original.

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Tumbling into a new circus festival

Tumbling into a new circus festival

6 July 2021

After being rescheduled thanks to the latest lockdown, Perth’s first contemporary circus festival will take place in August. But what IS contemporary circus? Nina Levy found out more.

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Ludovico Di Ubaldo and Dayana Hardy Acuna in Melanie Lane’s Slow Haunt. Photo by Bradbury Photography A male dancer holds a female dancer -she is in a full split and he has one hand under her extended leg and the other under her shoulders STATE ballet triple bill is spell-binding

STATE ballet triple bill is spell-binding

25 June 2021

From flirtatious fun to creatures of the underworld, each of the three works in West Australian Ballet’s inaugural ‘STATE’ program won over the opening night audience, writes Nina Levy… and she has hopes for where these successes might lead.

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A First Nations actor stands arms outstretched with cast members kneeling in an arc around her Celebrating the wins of 2020

Celebrating the wins of 2020

15 June 2021

In spite of the challenges of the pandemic, the West Australian performing arts sector managed to present an impressive variety of online and live offerings in 2020, celebrated at the 2021 Performing Arts WA Awards on Monday 14 June.

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Cleaver Street Studio

Cleaver Street Studio

Cleaver Street Studio