Animal Farm greenscreen rehearsal-2061.  Actor Megan Wilding image credit Daniel J Grant A woman sits at a desk, wearing a hat that looks like a rooster's comb and a feather bower over street clothes. She holds a mobile phone to her face as though taking a selfie. On the desk we can see a bottle of water, a small toy pig, a bottle of hand sanitiser, and what looks like a script. What to SEE: Animal Farm

What to SEE: Animal Farm

21 September 2021

It’s Orwell, but not as you know it. That’s what Black Swan State Theatre Company is promising audiences in Van Badham’s take on his seminal novella Animal Farm. Cast member Andrea Gibbs tells Nina Levy all about it.

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Two artists stand on a train station platform, are dressed in red and pink footy guernseys that say

Carn the Arts!

21 September 2021

It’s all about the footy grand final this weekend… but local artists Jen Jamieson and Matt Aitken reckon that it can be about the arts too.

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Oscar Valdes as Henry and the dancers of West Australian Ballet in Coppelia. Photo by Bradbury Photography The footy scene in Coppelia shows a group of men posing in old-fashioned black and white footy uniforms, with women in 19th century dresses looking on. In the background the sky is a luminous violet, as though the sun has just set. Fantasy, fun and footy in Aussie Coppelia

Fantasy, fun and footy in Aussie Coppelia

20 September 2021

With the first ever WA-based AFL Grand Final almost upon us, the timing couldn’t be better for a ballet that references the much-loved game. But that’s not the only reason West Australian Ballet’s Coppelia is a people pleaser, writes Nina Levy.

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Photo: Marnie Richardson A woman lies in a field of clover. Only her head and shoulders are in shot. Her crimson jumper is stark against the bright green leaves. What to SEE: Watch and Act

What to SEE: Watch and Act

7 September 2021

How do we cope with the impending climate catastrophe? Do we need a new kind of emergency warning system… or Nigella Lawson? Local theatre maker Katie McAllister explores the answers in her new play Watch and Act.

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Chrome by Sarah Chaffey as part of IN HOUSE presented by Co3 Contemporary Dance_Photo by Simin Soyer(2) Sarah Chaffey holds herself aloft on a pole. Fertilising the dance ecosystem

Fertilising the dance ecosystem

3 September 2021

It’s encouraging to see one of WA’s flagship dance companies taking steps to support independent choreographers, says Nina Levy.

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Leon Pericles_North to the Station Shed_mixed-media_30x40cm copy Diving into the detailed world of Leon Pericles

Diving into the detailed world of Leon Pericles

25 August 2021

Packed with whimsical surprises and tiny secrets, Leon Pericles’s art works have been delighting viewers for almost 60 years. Nina Levy relished the opportunity to dive into his magical world.

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Pictured is dress rehearsal for West Side Story production on June 26, 2021 at Crown Theatre in Perth, Australia. (Photo by Will Russell) What happens when a classic becomes controversial?

What happens when a classic becomes controversial?

19 August 2021

In the wake of fiery debate on social media after the publication of Seesaw’s review of West Side Story, we invited WA arts leaders to weigh in on the question of what we do when beloved classic works perpetuate outdated views and values.

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Cleaver Street Studio

Cleaver Street Studio

Cleaver Street Studio