Sonia and Elisa Jane Carmichael, Dabiyil Bajara, 2021, cyanotypes on cotton, 5.5 x 2.7m each. Photography by Pixel Poetry A series of six painted canvases curve around the edge of a wooden-floored room. Each painting is of an abstract waterscape, painted white on a blue background. The paintings are variously combined of lines and circles, as well as the occasional animal and have a map-like quality. Creating artistic asylum at Fremantle Arts Centre

Creating artistic asylum at Fremantle Arts Centre

16 March 2022

Less than a year into his tenure at Fremantle Arts Centre, curator Glenn Iseger-Pilkington has made a splash with his first exhibition, “Undertow”, but that’s the tip of the iceberg in terms of the centre’s plans, discovers Rania Ghandour.

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An image of an artwork from the Undertow exhibition, predominantly blue with a variety of white marks, including printed impressions of nets Undertow: ocean casts its spell

Undertow: ocean casts its spell

15 February 2022

Moments of personal connection and culture are showcased through experiences of the ocean and life at its shore, as Miranda Johnson writes.

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7. Kate Rohde, Ornament Crimes, 2015 mixed media dimensions variable, exhibited at the National Gallery of Victoria in the Rigg Desig Brightly coloured shiny ornaments sit on a bench in front of a fluoro patterned wall Interactive exhibition a blast for kids

Interactive exhibition a blast for kids

13 December 2021

Seesaw’s junior reviewers Chloe and Jackson Davis marvel at the joys of colour in this new exhibition from the Fremantle Arts Centre.

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Yabini Kickett, Burdiya-ka (Bosses) (Caroline Kickett and Helen Picket), 2021 Two portraits of First Nations Women, both photographed in bush settings. The woman on the left looks straight to the camera. She wears a light turquoise t-shirt. The woman on the right wears a pink t-shirt and looks out to the right, away from the camera. Both women look calm. Stories of survival

Stories of survival

2 March 2021

Curated by Glenn Iseger-Pilkington ‘nyinalanginy / the gathering’ is a thoughtful and provocative exhibition of works by First Nations people of the Indo-Pacific region, writes Michelle White.

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Cleaver Street Studio

Cleaver Street Studio

Cleaver Street Studio