An outdoor stage with rock wall and trees behind. On the stage are four singers dressed in contemporary clothes. One actress is posing in front of a table while another crouches to record her on a phone La Boheme – a modern day opera

La Boheme – a modern day opera

12 March 2022

Freeze Frame Opera are the arts community’s first responders, says Rosalind Appleby. And they have done it again, with a production of La Boheme that couldn’t be more pertinent.

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Pictured top: Brett Peart, Brigitte Heuser, Ava Charleson, Robert Hofmann, Ruth Burke in 'Angels & Devils'. Photo supplied A man in a nightgown sits on a bed, surrounded by a 4 other cast members Romantic thrills and spills

Romantic thrills and spills

23 August 2021

Freeze Frame Opera’s “Angels & Devils” presents unlikely opera repertoire in an unusual venue and Sandra Bowdler says it offers a night of good fun and great singing.

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seven musicains and singers in costume lean against the tray of a spotlit Bedford truck Opera essentials from the back of a truck

Opera essentials from the back of a truck

10 August 2020

“At a time when we can only dream of overseas holidays, Freeze Frame Opera reminds us that art, music, memory and culture keep us connected,” says Tiffany Ha. “You won’t even need to change out of the sweats and Ugg boots you’ve been wearing the past five months.”

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Harriet Marshall (Tosca) and James Clayton (Scarpia) Photo Robert Frith Operatic thriller

Operatic thriller

10 June 2019

Review: Freeze Frame Opera, Tosca ⋅ Centenary Pavilion, Claremont Showgrounds, June 8 ⋅ Review by Rosalind Appleby ⋅ Tosca is opera’s closest thing to a thriller. Puccini’s late romantic opera …

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Cleaver Street Studio

Cleaver Street Studio

Cleaver Street Studio