A long multi-panel artwork with detailed black line work depicting crashing waves Cultures converge on our shores

Cultures converge on our shores

23 February 2022

‘Strangers on the Shore’ is a sensitive reflection on WA’s history of ocean arrivals, says Miranda Johnson… but who is missing?

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An Aboriginal painting of a European ship. The ship is a white silhouette against a brown and white striped background. Sailing on an ocean of art

Sailing on an ocean of art

11 January 2022

Perth Festival’s choice of wardan – the ocean – for this year’s festival theme plays out beautifully in its visual arts selection. Ara Jansen plunges in to pull out some highlights.

Reading time • 10 minutesPerth Festival
Three large men flex their muscles. The image is a negative and the figures are in darkness. They look like they're dancing. and each figure is tinted, one yellow, one blue and one red. Feast of art feeds local appetites

Feast of art feeds local appetites

10 December 2020

It’s time to dump cultural cringe. This year’s visual arts program at Perth Festival is both bigger than before and almost 100% local. It’s exciting and a chance for everyone to put a little more art into their lives. Ara Jansen reports.

Reading time • 8 minutesVisual Art
A photo of artworks in the

Telling stories by hand

7 February 2020

The works of the Holmes à Court Gallery’s ‘Fibre’ exhibition each carry traces of their makers, discovers Craig McKeough.

Reading time • 5 minutesVisual Art
Reading time • 3 minutesVisual Art
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Cleaver Street Studio

Cleaver Street Studio


Cleaver Street Studio