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An elegant red-haired woman in a patterned dress stands outside, trees behind her. She has her arms open wide, long sleeves falling like wings either side, her head tilted to the sky. This is singer Jessie Gordon. Fifty shades of jazz

Fifty shades of jazz

3 August 2023

Perth Jazz Society is celebrating a major milestone with a stellar lineup at this year’s Lyric Lane Jazz Festival. Julie Hosking gets the lowdown from co-curator Jess Herbert. 

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Singer-songwriter Katie Noonan sits at a piano. She has her eyes closed, her hands up to her chest, singing. She is wearing a printed dress and has spiky blue hair. Noonan adds colour to Blue

Noonan adds colour to Blue

28 May 2023

David Zampatti has been tangled up in Blue for more than 50 years. So, he’s delighted to hear Katie Noonan cover Joni MItchell’s iconic album with such gusto.

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Number Junky. Black and white portrait of a guitarist bent over his instrument intently focused on his playing What to SEE: Number Junky
What to SEE

What to SEE: Number Junky

12 August 2022

Accomplished Danish jazz guitarist Kristian Borring makes his local recording debut with his trio Number Junky. The album Earth Matters is released this month with a special gig to launch it in his new hometown.

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A woman in a blue coat and brown hair stands playing a baritone saxophone, flanked by other jazz instrumentalists in a big band Farrell inspires jazz future

Farrell inspires jazz future

1 August 2022

If you ever doubt the future of jazz then check out WAYJO, writes Kristian Borring, after listening to the local jazz stars of tomorrow support multi-saxophonist Gemma Farrell.

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A dark stage filled with the musicians of a big band, wearing all black. New music swings big band

New music swings big band

28 October 2021

The future of jazz is in good hands, says Garry Lee after witnessing the new compositions emerging from the WA Youth Jazz Orchestra.

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Cleaver Street Studio

Cleaver Street Studio


Cleaver Street Studio