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Michelle Aitken. Photo: Mitchell Aldridge. Michelle Aitken perches on her bottom, her legs extended upwards, her feet flexed. One foot hooks behind the other. Her arms are splayed, her hands supporting her. Tiny fragments, part 2

Tiny fragments, part 2

7 May 2021

Nina Levy dives into the second program of STRUT Dance’s 2021 “Short Cuts” season.

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James McMillan in 'The Jellyman'. Photo: Tashi Hall Bathed in blue jelly-like light, a man cuts into a blue jelly, against a backdrop of blue jelly. Jellyman is just the ticket

Jellyman is just the ticket

30 October 2020

Live theatre is back at The Blue Room, with a new play that’s exciting, pertinent and ambitious, reports David Zampatti.

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Cleaver Street Studio

Cleaver Street Studio


Cleaver Street Studio