Fringe World: Future’s Eve

8 December 2017

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February 5-6 & 9-10, 9pm @ The Common Room at Paper Mountain (upstairs, 267 William Street Northbridge) •
Presented by Michelle Aitken •

Bring in the Fembots!
The perfect companions, sex slaves, servants, ideal women!
Drawing from dated sci-fi and cutting edge AI, Future’s Eve is a one woman, one roomba show examining the images and the ethics of female androids.
Bizarre, deadpan, and strangely compelling, witness a spectacle of solidarity for the defective, the destructive, the disposable, and the objectified.
Performer: Michelle Aitken / Composer: Azariah Felton / Designer: Olivia Tartaglia

Presented as part of Peaks at FRINGE WORLD Festival 2018
tickets: fringeworld.com.au

Website for more info: fringeworld.com.au
Email: michelle.aitken1996@gmail.com

Photo: Marshall Stay

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