An Aboriginal painting of a European ship. The ship is a white silhouette against a brown and white striped background. Visual Arts – sailing on ‘Wardan’

Visual Arts – sailing on ‘Wardan’

11 January 2022

Perth Festival’s choice of wardan – the ocean – for this year’s festival theme plays out beautifully in its visual arts selection. Ara Jansen plunges in to pull out some highlights.

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Photo: Liz Looker Six dancers stand in a circle, facing outward, their arms raised. They are lit fiery orange. In the mood for dancing

In the mood for dancing

12 June 2021

Triple bill “In Good Company” is a sublime combination of dancing, live music, mood lighting… and the opportunity to have a boogie yourself, if the urge takes you, writes Rita Clarke.

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Cleaver Street Studio

Cleaver Street Studio

Cleaver Street Studio