Fremantle Biennale: Dance: RADAR

10 September 2019

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21 – 24 November @ B-Shed, Fremantle Ports ·
Presented by Brooke Leeder and Dancers ·

‘RADAR’ is a new contemporary dance work by Brooke Leeder & Dancers, in collaboration with Louis Frere-Harvey and Nemo Gandossini-Poirier. Sirens and sounds are codes that trigger human movement – a universal, unspoken, sonic form of communication and direction into action. Alarms can also signal stillness; simultaneously meaning different things to different people. Timecoding live instruments, electronic tracks and lighting design, ‘RADAR’ will merge dancers, light and sound to create a unified body of work, with a small ensemble of musicians behind a large ensemble of dancers. The composition will act as a web of support, holding in silence and in response, launching the bodies into the space, as the lights change in precision along a time coded score. ‘RADAR’ creates surges of action or caution, movements of urgency and pause, the whole ensemble intently alert in either silence and siren.

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Structural Dependency (2019), Matthew Thorley; Installation view PS Art Space. Credit: Noah Beck



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