Fremantle Biennale: (Symposium) MAKING: A living? Success for the artist in the age of disruption

10 September 2019

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2 November @ Tannock Hall of Education, Notre Dame University ·
Presented by Artsource and the University of Western Australia’s Cultural Precinct ·

‘MAKING: A living?’ is a dedicated visual arts symposium exploring the relationship between artists and their supporters – buyers, patrons, curators and funders. This open discussion considers existing international and local solutions to the problem of making a living as an artist in an age of disruptive technologies, when everything is changing rapidly and old models are ossifying. It considers artist driven projects, models from other art forms and the opportunities provided by new platforms. The conversations also delve into the local/global nexus and art experiences made extraordinary through the agency of digital communities.

Speakers include:

Daan Roosegaarde, Innovator/Artist (Netherlands) Helen Britton, Artist (Australia/Germany) David Bielander, Artist (Switzerland/Germany) Abdul Abdullah, Artist (Australia) Dr. Oliver Watts, Head Curator, Artbank (Australia) Tamara Winikoff, Independent Consultant (Australia) Megan Flamer, Blue Chilli (Australia) Sebastian Goldspink, Alaska Projects (Australia) Chloe Wise, Artist (Canada/USA) Juddy Roller, Street Art (Australia).

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Pictured: Daan Roosegarde, credit Studio Roosegarde

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