Dance: West Australian Ballet’s The Great Gatsby

14 June 2017

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14 – 30 September 2017 @ His Majesty’s Theatre –

In Northern Ballet’s The Great Gatsby, discover the heady, indulgent days of New York’s Long Island during the 1920s as West Australian Ballet brings F. Scott Fitzgerald’s classic novel to the stage.

Nick Carraway comes to know his infamous neighbour Jay Gatsby – a mysterious millionaire with a secret past and a penchant for lavish parties and beautiful women. As the sparkling façade of Gatsby’s world begins to slip, Carraway comes to see the loneliness, obsession and tragedy that lies beneath.

World-renowned choreographer, David Nixon OBE (artistic director of Northern Ballet), will bring The Great Gatsby to Australian stages for the very first time. This smooth and sultry interpretation of F. Scott Fitzgerald’s classic tale will transport you straight into a hedonistic haze of 1920’s New York.
Music by Academy Award nominated and BAFTA winning composer Sir Richard Rodney Bennett CBE (Four Weddings and a Funeral, Murder on the Orient Express), will be played live by West Australian Symphony Orchestra.

David Nixon reflects that Gatsby isn’t just about the wild and glamourous parties. “There will always be some kind of relevance to The Great Gatsby. It’s about basic things, like ‘the pursuit of happiness’ and what that is. We all ask ourselves ‘What is happiness?’, ‘What is success?’ and ‘What are you willing to do to achieve your dreams?’, and that’s basically what Gatsby represents. He is someone who did really bad things to achieve a dream that was beautiful.”

As The Great Gatsby steps into the spotlight, don’t miss your opportunity to see what promises to be one of the most stylish adaptations of this classic literary work.

Approximate running time 2 hours 10 minutes

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