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  • A woman sings on stage dressed in a shimmering green and silver long dress and headdress. She is surrounded by a large group of performers, many of them dressed in animal and bird costumes Ancient tale carries language revival

    Ancient tale carries language revival

    4 October 2021

    A creation story and a powerful First Nations cast provide the perfect vehicle to bring the Noongar tongue to a new audience, as Rosalind Appleby and junior reviewers Emma and Liliane Wadley discover.

    Reading time • 10 minutesMusic
  • Promotional image for Your Arts Playground. The words

    Your Arts Playground: October

    28 September 2021

    Wondering what to SEE in WA in month? From circus to opera, craft to literary fiction, the October episode of Seesaw’s podcast, Your Arts Playground, has you covered!

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  • Oscar Valdes as Henry and the dancers of West Australian Ballet in Coppelia. Photo by Bradbury Photography The footy scene in Coppelia shows a group of men posing in old-fashioned black and white footy uniforms, with women in 19th century dresses looking on. In the background the sky is a luminous violet, as though the sun has just set. Fantasy, fun and footy in Aussie Coppelia

    Fantasy, fun and footy in Aussie Coppelia

    20 September 2021

    With the first ever WA-based AFL Grand Final almost upon us, the timing couldn’t be better for a ballet that references the much-loved game. But that’s not the only reason West Australian Ballet’s Coppelia is a people pleaser, writes Nina Levy.

    Reading time • 6 minutesDance
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    Introducing Your Arts Playground, Seesaw’s new podcast

    30 June 2021

    Not sure where to find out what’s happening in WA’s arts scene? Feel like you’re always hearing about the cool new shows, concerts and exhibitions after they’ve finished? Check out Your Arts Playground, a new monthly podcast from Seesaw’s managing editors, Nina Levy and Rosalind Appleby.

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  • Festival’s rollicking finale

    Festival’s rollicking finale

    28 June 2021

    The inaugural Perth International Cabaret Festival concluded with a bang on Saturday night, and David Zampatti was there to raise a glass to it.

    Reading time • 5 minutesCabaret
  • A man in a sequined jacket leans back in a chair, strewn with rose petals Cabaret comedy is cathartic

    Cabaret comedy is cathartic

    25 June 2021

    Steven Oliver’s saucy “faboriginal fabaret” delights Erin Hutchinson, with its mix of light and shade.

    Reading time • 4 minutesCabaret
  • A woman with blonde hair and an enormous pink sequined fluffy coat stands on stage holding maracas Singular survivor hangs up her feather boa

    Singular survivor hangs up her feather boa

    23 June 2021

    David Zampatti went to the iconic drag queen Carlotta’s last party at The Maj, and left wondering if there will be others as brave to take her place?

    Reading time • 4 minutesCabaret

Cleaver Street Studio

Cleaver Street Studio

Cleaver Street Studio