Fringe World: Anatomically Incorrect Gentlemen: Dirty Gents

4 January 2018

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30-31 JAN, 1-3 FEB @ 8:30PM @ The Ellington Jazz Club •
Presented by Jessie Gordon •

Libby Hammer and Jessie Gordon are the Anatomically Incorrect Gentlemen. This year they are exploring the magnificently filthy world of dirty music. Join them for a fabulous evening of gender bending comedy and music, with tiny guitars (read: ukuleles), very manly harmonies, and the occasional monologue on the hardships of maintaining manliness while also being women.

From spritely ukulele versions of Andrews Sisters tunes to filthy doo-wop songs by the Clovers to pumpin’ pop by Grace Jones, the Gents will take you through the Golden Era of Swing all the way to the best of modern pop in their attempt to discover the filthiest pop songs. With voices blended in harmony, these two raffish lads will transport you to a world where gender is a performance and music is a state of mind.

Five Performances only
Duration 55 mins

‘delightful and comical’ – Out In Perth, 2016

Website: https://fringeworld.com.au/whats_on/anatomically-incorrect-gentlemen-dirty-gents-fw2018
Email: info@jessiegordon.com.au

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