Fringe World: Power Ballad

9 January 2018

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27 January – Saturday 3 February @ Blue Room Theatre •
Presented by Julia Croft •

Rage doused karaoke party

“I am looking for a language that exists outside patriarchal definitions, of course that is not possible, but who is any longer interested in the possible” – Kathy Acker

Power Ballad is an angry, feminist, live art investigation of language and its sometimes hidden ideologies. Part performance lecture, part karaoke party, Power Ballad deconstructs gendered linguistic histories and rips apart contemporary language to find a new articulation of pleasure, anger and femaleness.

With an 80s soundtrack to rival any school disco, Power Ballad is anarchic, loud and filled with feminist rage and Annie Lennox.

Shortlisted for the prestigious Total Theatre award in the 2017 Edinburgh fringe.

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