Fringe World: The Three Deaths Of Ebony Black

4 January 2018

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16 – 25 February @ The Shambles – Perth Cultural Centre •
Presented by Amberly Cull •

The Three Deaths of Ebony Black follows the life and death of a sweet little old lady with a not so extraordinary life. A dark, comic story explored through puppetry, song and dance.

This is a touching new work by Amberly Cull (The Point of Light, DAFUQ), with music by multi award winning composer Robert Woods (Bus Boy, Point & Shoot), and puppets by Danny Miller (King Kong). Performed by Amberly Cull and Geordie Crawley, with Robert Woods on keys.

More info: https://fringeworld.com.au/whats_on/the-three-deaths-of-ebony-black-fw2018
Email: holland.st.productions@gmail.com

Artwork by Stacy Gougoulis

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