Fringe World: Tunes from the Roadside

10 January 2018

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28 – 30 January, 5:45pm @ Basement Bar at Rigby’s Bar •
Presented by Lindstedt & Davies •

It’s time to get the band back together. ‘Tunes from the Roadside’ is a one act musical play about family, storytelling, and spending too much time in the pub, featuring original songs and a couple of Australian classics. In this play you’ll find reunited siblings, impulsive decisions and a bloke who plays guitar. Reconnect with your roots, have a beverage and join us for a night of theatre. Presented by Fidget and Fly (Stand Up, Skit Down, 2017), ‘Tunes from the Roadside’ is full to the brim with flavours of Australian musical history and personal relationships from a group of emerging Perth artists and musicians.

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