• Arielle Gray and Tim Watts. Photo: Richard Jefferson Two actors from It’s Dark Outside cluster around a small puppet that represents an old man. What to SEE: It’s Dark Outside
    What to SEE

    What to SEE: It’s Dark Outside

    24 March 2022

    In celebration of the play’s tenth anniversary, The Last Great Hunt brings its award-winning dive into death and dementia back to the stage.

    Reading time • 10 minutesTheatre
  • It's Dark Outside. Photo: Richard Jefferson A promotional image from The Last Great Hunt’s show It's Dark Outside. Pictured is a hole of light, in a field of black. We see the silhouette of a man in the hole - holding up a hand, with fingers outspread. A show about dementia I’ll never forget

    A show about dementia I’ll never forget

    18 March 2022

    Compelling performances and skilful puppetry work together in The Last Great Hunt’s memorable play about dementia, writes Seesaw’s junior reviewer Saskia Haluszkiewicz.

    Reading time • 4 minutesTheatre
  • Tim Watts in 'It's Dark outside'. Photo: Rochard Jefferson A man is silhouetted by a spotlight. He holds a fishing net into which he is placing a luminous cloud Darkness depicted with a light touch

    Darkness depicted with a light touch

    18 March 2022

    A decade after its premiere, The Last Great Hunt’s acclaimed exploration of dementia is still captivating audiences, writes Claire Trolio.

    Reading time • 5 minutesTheatre
  • Alicia Osyka, Jeffrey Jay Fowler, Amy Mathews in 'Bite The Hand'. Photo: Christophe Canto Three people are in a grey-walled room that is sparsely furnished with two grey box seats. A picture on one wall could be a scan of a human pelvis or a painting of a butterfly. One person, a woman, sits on one of the box seats, watching the other two. One of those people wears an oversized dog collar with a tag and has his arms stretched up in the air. The other person seems to be scratching his tummy, as though he is a dog. Hunters continue to lead the pack

    Hunters continue to lead the pack

    15 October 2021

    The Last Great Hunt’s Bite the Hand is as hilarious as a puppy and as dangerous as a pit bull. It also leaves its meaning for you to uncover – a good thing according to David Zampatti.

    Reading time • 7 minutesTheatre
  • riter Chris Isaacs and Director Matthew Edgerton. Photo: Annie Harvey  Two men and a dog sit on concrete steps outside a red-brick building. The men appear to be in conversation; they are looking at each other and seem relaxed. The dog gazes at the camera with a sweet expression. It's mouth is open and its tongue looks very pink against its black fur. What to SEE: Bite the Hand

    What to SEE: Bite the Hand

    4 October 2021

    What would happen if your pet dog was given the language and intelligence of a human being? That’s the premise of new play Bite the Hand, a dark comedy that asks discomforting questions about freedom.

    Reading time • 10 minutesTheatre
  • York_production still_17_HR. Shakira Clanton, Jacob Narkle. Image credit Philip Gostelow Haunting new play is a must-see

    Haunting new play is a must-see

    23 July 2021

    Weaving together thrilling ghost stories and chilling accounts of WA’s brutal colonial past, Black Swan State Theatre Company’s York tells a tale we all need to hear, says Bruce Denny, in his debut review for Seesaw.

    Reading time • 6 minutesTheatre
  • Dizzying skills on show

    Dizzying skills on show

    2 March 2021

    He can’t tell you what happens because that would be giving the game away, but David Zampatti says The Last Great Hunt’s tech-driven multimedia show, Whistleblower, is unique and enthralling theatre.

    Reading time • 6 minutesPerth Festival
  • Unmasking our unsung heroes

    Unmasking our unsung heroes

    20 July 2020

    Sure, you can enjoy Black Swan State Theatre Company’s latest season from your couch but more importantly, Ara Jansen discovers a handful of local stories to remind us heroes don’t always wear tights.

    Reading time • 7 minutesTheatre

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