• Reading time • 8 minutesComedy
  • Feeling socially awkward at the circus
    The Festival Sessions

    Feeling socially awkward at the circus

    9 January 2023

    Have you ever experienced the loneliness of being at a party where you don’t know anybody? Melon the Human brings this feeling to life in his debut Fringe show.

    Reading time • 8 minutesComedy
  • The quokkas are revolting

    The quokkas are revolting

    28 January 2020

    In Quokka Apocalypse, David Zampatti discovers that the last laugh is on us.

    Reading time • 3 minutesFringe World Festival
  • Diving into the divas
    The Festival Sessions

    Diving into the divas

    15 January 2020

    UK drag queen Velma Celli is obsessed with divas and in her latest show, Me & My Divas, she celebrates the big names, from Judy Garland to Jessie J… all live, no lip-synching. Seesaw caught up with Velma’s alter ego, Ian Stroughair, to find out more.

    Reading time • 4 minutes
  • Reading time • 4 minutesFringe World Festival

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