• A violinist with dreadlocks focuses intently on his instrument, which is resting under his chin. His bow is in his right hand, easing over the violin. Behind him is a purple-coloured wall with golden light bouncing off it. Close encounter stirs the soul

    Close encounter stirs the soul

    18 September 2023

    Violinist and composer Rupert Guenther welcomes us into his inner world for a soul-searching evening of improvisation, writes Angela Ho. 

    Reading time • 5 minutesMusic
  • A musician sits at a piano, back arched and left arm raised theatrically  in the air.  Electrifying recital worthy of winner

    Electrifying recital worthy of winner

    8 August 2023

    Jeonghwan Kim shows why he beat all comers for one of the world’s most prestigious piano prizes. Will Yeoman is in awe of his prowess.

    Reading time • 5 minutesMusic
  • A pianist sits at a pianoforte, flanked by a violinist who is standing and a cellist sitting. They are all intent on their playing. Behind them are the columns of a ballroom. Helen Kruger, Geoffrey Lancaster and Noeleen Wright performing Australian Baroque's concert of Haydn's Piano Trios Three times the joy

    Three times the joy

    22 July 2023

    Haydn’s piano trios get a rare outing with a grand guest. Classical enthusiast Julie Hosking is swept along by the majestic movements and their magnificent players. 

    Reading time • 7 minutesMusic
  • Reading time • 5 minutesMusic
  • A violinist in a bright red shirt sits on a chair, one leg crossed over the other. He is shrouded in yellow light, a window behind him, as he plays the violin. Creating poetry in motion

    Creating poetry in motion

    15 June 2023

    Violinist Rupert Guenther shapes music the way a painter brings a canvas to life, weaving a story with each new sound. On the eve of a national tour, the composer shares his passion for classical improvisation with Julie Hosking.

    Reading time • 10 minutesMusic
  • A flautist and violinist stand playing their instruments, while two other musicians sit behind theirs, a man on the harpsichord and a woman on the cello. Behind them are columns, giving the impression of a stately room. They are Australian Baroque performers Andy Skinner, Helen Kruger, Noeleen Wright and James Huntingford. Baroque tour of Europe one to savour

    Baroque tour of Europe one to savour

    31 October 2022

    French in name only, Telemann’s ‘Paris Quartets’ offer a suite of European flavours. Australian Baroque charms Claire Coleman with a polished performance.

    Reading time • 6 minutesMusic
  • Reading time • 5 minutesMulti-arts
  • What's on in Perth: The Hoopla Sessions. Pictured is a group of people standing amongst inflatable sculptures, decorated in brightly coloured stripes What to SEE: July gig guide
    What to SEE

    What to SEE: July gig guide

    22 June 2022

    Got the rainy day blues? Our July gig guide is packed with shows and exhibitions that will warm your heart.

    Reading time • 10 minutesMulti-arts

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