• A musician with brown curly hair stands behind a microphone, with trees behind her. She is wearing a green top and holding a flute to her mouth. Expect the unexpected
    What to SEE

    Expect the unexpected

    22 June 2023

    What happens when you bring talented musicians together to improvise over one glorious weekend? Julie Hosking talks to two of the curators of a festival where anything goes.

    Reading time • 10 minutesMusic
  • Pictured is TuneNoiseTune driving force Josten Mybrugh he wears a green jumper and blue collared shirt underneath stands in front of concrete buildings. The sounds of freedom
    What to SEE

    The sounds of freedom

    9 February 2022

    What happens when you combine jazz and experimental music? Josten Myburgh introduces TuneNoiseTune, a new series dedicated to this adventurous, exciting music.

    Reading time • 9 minutesMusic
  • a man and woman sit on coloured paving, smiling away from the camera Festival a sound idea

    Festival a sound idea

    16 February 2021

    Audible Edge is back! The festival of sound has released its line up for April, and it includes names that will probably surprise you. Curators Josten Myburgh and Annika Moses explain why sound is not just the province of musicians.

    Reading time • 5 minutesMusic

Cleaver Street Studio

Cleaver Street Studio


Cleaver Street Studio