• On a dark stage a spotlight shines on a woman in a long blue dress lying on a bench, with three women kneeling beside her with white headdresses Operatic enlightenment

    Operatic enlightenment

    8 April 2022

    An ambitious reworking of Tchaikovsky’s opera Iolanta sheds light on the experience of living with disability. But Rosalind Appleby says it comes at a cost.

    Reading time • 6 minutesMusic
  • Carla Adams, Yearning and Longing, 2022, polyester cord, acrylic eyes, lava stone and glass beads. 32 x 27cm each. Two faces, made of pink coiled cord What to SEE: May gig guide
    What to SEE

    What to SEE: May gig guide

    7 April 2022

    Wondering what to SEE this May? Check out Seesaw Mag’s new gig guide for the hottest tips across theatre, music, dance, visual arts and more!

    Reading time • 10 minutesMulti-arts
  • Maniya Amin Dehghan, Harry Hamzat, Satchen Lucido and Happyness Yasini. Presented by Perth Festival and co-produced by Performing Lines WA and Encounter. Four young people of colour stand on stage. At the front one young woman points hopefully at something out of shot. The set is the deck of a boat. Cream of the crop 2021

    Cream of the crop 2021

    15 December 2021

    Which shows were Seesaw Mag’s favourites this year? We ask our writers to reflect on the year that was… and the year that will be.

    Reading time • 10 minutesMulti-arts
  • A woman sings on stage dressed in a shimmering green and silver long dress and headdress. She is surrounded by a large group of performers, many of them dressed in animal and bird costumes Ancient tale carries language revival

    Ancient tale carries language revival

    4 October 2021

    A creation story and a powerful First Nations cast provide the perfect vehicle to bring the Noongar tongue to a new audience, as Rosalind Appleby and junior reviewers Emma and Liliane Wadley discover.

    Reading time • 10 minutesMusic
  • Promotional image for Your Arts Playground. The words

    Your Arts Playground: October

    28 September 2021

    Wondering what to SEE in WA in month? From circus to opera, craft to literary fiction, the October episode of Seesaw’s podcast, Your Arts Playground, has you covered!

    Reading time • 5 minutesMulti-arts
  • Three paper puppets of Australian native animals in front of a cream paper backdrop Spring gig guide for kids

    Spring gig guide for kids

    16 September 2021

    Spring in Perth offers the very best range of arts events for children. Check out our gig guide for your next fabulous family experience.

    Reading time • 5 minutesMulti-arts
  • A man in tights and wearing an emu puppet stands on a circular stage surrounded by a cardboard bush set and various props How the arts equip children for life

    How the arts equip children for life

    7 September 2021

    Why do children need the arts? AWESOME Festival director Jenny Simpson says the arts are fundamental to the development of children, help teenagers stay sane and keep on giving for adults too.

    Reading time • 9 minutesMulti-arts
  • Matthew Lester as Beppe, Paul O'Neill as Canio, Emma Matthews as Nedda, Simon Meadows as Tonio in Pagliacci.Pic JamesRogers Three men and a woman are posed around a small flight of steps; each is gesturing dramatically, three to the central man who has his arm raised and his mouth open as though mid-sing. The men wear casual cream suits, that look like they're made of linen, the central man wears an 80s style brown leather jacket. The woman wears a fitted red jacket and a long and full black skirt. Everyday tales of love and murder

    Everyday tales of love and murder

    21 July 2021

    Love, lust, betrayal and murder are all a part of “everyday life” in this highly successful double bill, writes Leon Levy.

    Reading time • 6 minutesMusic

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